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Communal insurance rules


I don't know if anyone will be able to answer my question but I will ask it anyway.Our complex for the past 3 years has had a whole complex Insurance to cover all buildings, wall, communal areas, pool, and public liability which has given us peace of mind should there be an earthquake or something similar. Now some of the owners are talking about stopping it and just insuring the pool and public liability and each owner paying for their individual insurance. We have several owners who are delinquent payers and our contingency fund has enabled us to meet the whole insurance to date. My question is ;= If 2 owners insure their own properties and the 2 attached owners don't have insurance, will the insurers pay us the rebuild cost of ours ?There are 3 blocks of 4 apartments.
I have tried to contact a couple of insurers in Cyprus to ask this question but no replies so far.

Please help

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