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Kyle Juszczyk Jersey

SANTA CLARA , Calif. (AP) — When Jimmy Garoppolo got thrown into the lineup as San Francisco’s quarterback just weeks after joining the 49ers, simply getting a play off in time was an accomplishment.Garoppolo overcame that limited knowledge of coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense to put together an impressive 5-0 finish to the season as one of the NFL’s most productive quarterbacks down the stretch.It will be a very different Garoppolo heading into Sunday’s season opener at Minnesota than he was in his first start in Chicago in December. He was given a $137.5 million contract in the offseason and has had months to learn the whys and hows of Shanahan’s complex offense.“We were trying to avoid the delay of game in Chicago,” he said. “That was a big part of it. I think every week last year I progressively got more and more comfortable with winning obviously and learning new things every week. Every week I was hearing new things for the first time that I had never heard before. So, it was that comfort level that just keeps growing as you get more along with the offense and learn more.”That comfort level is astronomically higher after getting more practice time with his receivers and offense.Garoppolo also took advantage of the opportunity to spend more time away from the 49ers facility with his teammates, whether it was informal sessions or non-football bonding to build chemistry with players who were almost strangers when he played last year.“Last year I was in a tough situation because I really didn’t have any extra time to go out and hang out with the guys,” he said. “I was trying to learn as quickly as possible. So, this offseason we’ve had a lot more time to do things together away from football and kind of get to know each other on a more personal level.”How Garoppolo fares this year is one of the most intriguing questions in the NFL as he has shown great promise winning all seven of his career starts to earn the lucrative contract but still has very little track record.What Garoppolo has done on the field has been impressive. He completed 67.4 percent of his passes last season, averaging 8.8 yards per attempt with seven TDs, five interceptions and a 96.2 rating.Among quarterbacks with at least 100 attempts last season, Garoppolo ranked first in yards per attempt, fourth in completion percentage. His 308.4 yards passing per game in his five starts also would have led the league had he played a full season.Defenses now have had plenty of time to study Garoppolo in San Francisco’s system but Shanahan doesn’t see that being a major hindrance.“You hear that all the time with quarterbacks,” he said. “You figure the scheme out and then you stop plays. Then, you put other stuff in to get other people open and you see if the quarterback is capable of doing other stuff. I think Jimmy’s capable of making any type of throw. I think he sees the field very well. It’s not like they’re going to learn how to stop him from running with the ball and then stop him from throwing it. Jimmy has a very talented arm. He knows how to play in the pocket. Hopefully we can continue to get guys here to separate, help get people open in zone and give him time to go through progressions and give him a running game not to put all the pressure on him.”The 49ers running game took a big hit over the weekend when projected starter Jerick McKinnon went down with a season-ending right knee injury. He was one of San Francisco’s main additions in free agency and was being counted on to be a big threat as a runner and a receiver.Now the 49ers will count on second-year back Matt Breida, who has 105 career carries, and veteran Alfred Morris Jimmie Ward Jersey , who was signed midway through training camp and has never caught more than 17 passes in his six seasons, instead of McKinnon.“Since the day we signed him we’ve been game planning for Minnesota,” Shanahan said. “So, I’m not going to lie, it changes things pretty drastically.” Taking a closer look at Hurd"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference Calls2019 NFL Draft: 49ers picks, mock drafts, news, rumors, analysisAnalyzing Jalen Hurd: What the 49ers have in their third round wide receiver New,237commentsTaking a closer look at HurdPDTShareTweetShareShareAnalyzing Jalen Hurd: What the 49ers have in their third round wide receiver Jerome Miron-USA TODAY SportsAll my dreams were coming true. There the 49ers were, picking 67th in the Draft, with Jachai Polite sitting there, just waiting to be rescued from his precipitous drop from first round stud to third round flyer.“With the 67th pick, in the 2019 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select... J-[YYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS]-alen Hurd, wide receiver Dwight Clark Color Rush Jersey , Baylor.”What?! Jalen Hurd?!! The big bodied, RB-cum-WR?!!! Who ran a 4.6?!!!! At receiver?!!!!! In the third round?!!!!!! The 49ers just selected DK Metcalf lite, 3 picks after the actual DK Metcalf was available through a trade up?!!!!!!!! Cue Cameron Magruder style outrage. I was not happy. That was premature. Jalen Hurd is not DK Metcalf lite. He’s intriguing. First and foremost, his movement skills are superb. We know that Kyle Shanahan values this natural gift in the wide receivers he desires and he’s capable of identifying that trait in unusual ways. Back when discussing Dante Pettis and the process by which the 49ers evaluated him and his outstanding movement skills, Kyle Shanahan said:“Sometimes you’ve got to watch a guy like Pettis on a punt return, and be like, ‘He doesn’t do this move on any of his routes, but look what he does when a guy’s right in front of him and he has the ball in his hand and he can double a guy up and make him miss.“And that’s exactly what he should do on his routes.’ So, you know his body is capable of doing it. Can you coach him? Will it transfer over? Then you look at all of the other stuff, coachability, test scores, how great they want to be.”Movement skillsWith Jalen Hurd, I imagine the 49ers have had to be similarly cognisant of the transferability of his movement skills from ball carrying to route running. On Hurd’s film, his fluidity as a ball carrier is obvious.There are, nevertheless, plenty of examples of Hurd’s movement skills translating to his route running ability. He can make breaks without having to decelerate significantly , planting one foot in the ground and exploding off. There are few few wasted steps.Route runningGiven he only played one full season at wide receiver, his polish as a route runner is also eye opening, as he combines his fluid movement skills with surprising route running savvy. His understanding of how to attack a defender’s leverage, honed through years as a running back, has translated extremely well to his route running. Utilising his explosive ability to quickly pick up speed off the snap to eat up defenders’ cushions, he can get them to shift in the direction he wants them to move in with subtle changes in his stem direction, speed and body language, before he breaks off in the opposite direction with that aforementioned explosive ability and fluidity creating separation.In addition to contributing to his impressive ability as a route runner (albeit on a limited route tree), Hurd’s movement skills transfer to him being a really dangerous run-after-catch weapon. Kyle Shanahan knows that throwing the ball closer to the line of scrimmage and allowing your carefully selected receivers to gain yards after the catch is more efficient than trying to generate large chunks of yardage through the air with go routes and jump balls. Those are the hardest throws for most quarterbacks. Hurd’s field vision and elusiveness with the ball in hand ensures he’s a dangerous YAC weapon.Even if he is corralled by opposition players, he’s an absolute nightmare to bring down. If the 49ers get him closer to the weight he was at Tennessee, NFL players are going to find it just as hard to drag Hurd down as their college counterparts before them.Ball SkillsFurthermore, Hurd has very natural hands. This is very important for a player with limited experience at receiver and undoubtedly eases his transition into the NFL. He is extremely comfortable catching balls away from his frame, ensuring he has a sizable catch radius and suggesting he has further development as a receiver who can win in more contested catch situations than he had to face in the Big 12. In college, he did struggle somewhat in those situations, but he was undoubtedly impacted by bad ball placement at times.Chess pieceVersatility is probably the other key area that drew Shanahan to Hurd. Capable of lining up in the slot, outside or in the backfield Kyle Juszczyk Jersey , Hurd is the sort of chess piece Shanahan will relish moving around to generate matchup problems for defenses. As a running back, he shows vision, decisiveness and explosiveness that suggests he can be used sporadically in that role.Room for improvementOf course, Hurd is nowhere near a finished product. His route tree was limited in college so he will have to work hard when he enters the NFL. Nevertheless, his rapid progress to this point suggests he's a swift learner and has the mentality to continue his development in the NFL.Another potential issue is that Hurd has probably only dealt with press coverage a handful of times in his entire career, meaning he’ll have to start his NFL career inside or being given free releases on the outside through scheme. He certainly has the length, strength and co-ordination to develop his releases however. As previously mentioned, he also did not face many contested catch situations in the Big 12. But he has traits that suggest that is the something that can improve as well, helped by the improvements in quarterbacking he’ll get in the NFL.Finally, Hurd is not the fastest player, so he won’t be taking the top off NFL defenses with regularity. He looks slightly quicker than his timed speed though and as previously mentioned he gets to top speed in a hurry. His length, movement skills and nuanced route running will help him separate at the next level.The bottom line on Hurd is fairly simple though. He’s an ideal Shanahan receiver. He’s a wonderful mover, with a surprisingly nuanced understanding of route running and the natural hands to ensure he can pluck balls away from his frame and any trailing defenders. He’s also a weapon after the catch, capable of dancing away from or running over defenders in the open field and he can line up at multiple spots. I’m excited to see him in red & gold.


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