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I think he can do all our runs and more

Cowboys fans are optimistic heading into the 2019 season."A few weeks ago we used SB Nation’s FanPulse tool (sign up here!) to ask you all if you thought the Cowboys would win more or less than nine games in 2019. That’s an interesting mark.Nine is interesting because in the Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott era the Cowboys have never won less than nine games. There’s a lot of reason to believe in the team this upcoming season Emmitt Smith Jersey White , a lot of hype if you will. Tony Casillas and I discussed hype on the latest episode of The 75O here at BTB if you want a deeper conversation on that idea.The 75OWhether or not the Cowboys are able to win nine games this season ultimately won’t determine if it was successful or not. Dallas is going to need to experience legitimate success in the postseason in order for the season to be qualified as one of worth.Still though, do we think nine wins is possible? Technically the question was whether the Cowboys would go over or under that mark which would mean 10 or eight wins. The results are in and an overwhelming majority see double-digit wins happening once again.OVER: 78%UNDER: 6%PUSH: 16%That’s a lot of people that think the Cowboys are going to win at least 10 games next season. The case can certainly be made that they should, they won that many last season and didn’t really lose anybody, but some national folks don’t really believe in them all too much. Do you think the voice of FanPulse has spoken well in this instance? Do you see 10 wins as being that doable? The Cowboys like their draft Womens Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , of course, as all teams do. But there is one player in particular they can’t wait to see on the field.Memphis running back Tony Pollard, the Cowboys’ fourth-round choice, will contribute right away on special teams as a kick returner. But the team also sees him as the primary backup to Ezekiel Elliott Michael Gallup Jersey , and the Cowboys disagree with the idea that Pollard is a “gadget” player.“I know people think he’s going to be this gadget guy,” Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown said. “He’s more than that. He’s bigger than what you think he is and he runs powerful for a guy you think is a gadget guy. I think he can do all our runs and more.”The Cowboys tried that with Lance Dunbar, but he could never stay healthy. They traded for Tavon Austin a year ago with the idea of giving him 12 touches a game as a “web” back.Austin was injured most of the season, but the Cowboys got him only two touches per game in the seven games he did play. Austin played 16 offensive snaps a game in the games he played.Rod Smith got only nine offensive snaps and three touches per game as Elliott’s backup last season. The Cowboys expect to use Pollard more in hopes of keeping Elliott fresh.Pollard scored 25 touchdowns in college as a runner Womens Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , receiver, and returner, showing his versatility.“Change-of-pace back can be however you take it,” Pollard said. “The way I look at it is a guy coming in with a lot of speed being able to make the long home-run plays Michael Gallup Jersey White , also being able to run in between some tackles and get some hard yards and being able to make plays on special teams.”The Cowboys have visions of using Pollard the way the Saints used Alvin Kamara as a rookie.“Me and him are similar in ways that we play,” Pollard said. “Just being able to do more than one thing, line up in the backfield as a running back, mismatches with the linebackers Dak Prescott Jersey , running routes out of the backfield, making plays on special teams.”



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