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As NFL quarterbacks go Womens Seth DeValve 2019 Jersey , Kyler Murray is as little as they get. But that may not stop Murray from becoming the NFL’s next big thing. Whether he does lands at storyline No. 15 as the 2019 season appraoches.From the moment he chose football over baseball, Murray captured the imagination of scouts, coaches, players, and fans. In this golden age of quarterbacking, Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield became the darlings of the league in 2018 Cheap Seth DeValve Youth Jersey , a year after Deshaun Watson was all the rage, until he suffered a torn ACL.Despite his (lack of) size, Murray brings an explosiveness that the league hasn’t seen since Mike Vick, but possibly with a better set of passing skills. While Murray may not be the next Mahomes, Murray doesn’t need to be a 50-touchdown MVP to justify Arizona’s faith in him.Ulimately, it was an easy analysis. The Cardinals have struggled with young quarterbacks in recent years (decades) Orange Larry Ogunjobi Jersey , getting their best performances from veterans like Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer. Murray could be their first born-and-raised franchise quarterback since moving to the desert 31 years ago.Sure, there’s a chance he’ll be a bust. That he won’t be able to stay healthy once he’s hit hard by NFL-caliber defensive players. That his speed and other skills won’t translate to the pro game.The risk is worth it. And it’s far better to roll the dice on Murray and get it wrong than to pass on him and have him become a star player for someone else.If he becomes a star for the Cardinals, the NFC West becomes very interesting, perhaps before long the best division in the league. The Browns have plenty of different directions in which the franchise can go when hiring a new head coach after the season, and they have two months to lay the foundation for the coaching search to come. That broad range of options necessarily will create stress, because the Browns eventually will have to choose one at the exclusion of all others.Generally speaking Larry Ogunjobi Jersey 2019 , teams looking for coaches have three categories of candidate: (1) assistant coaches with no prior NFL head-coaching experience; (2) former NFL head coaches looking for a second, or third or fourth, chance; and (3) college head coaches. But there’s a fourth category that can’t be forgotten, especially as it relates to the Browns.Cleveland could target a head coach currently under contract with another team, broker what essentially would be a trade, and then come to terms with the head coach on a deal to jump to Cleveland.Nearly five years ago Cleveland Browns Trevon Coley Jersey , the Browns tried to use that procedure to land Jim Harbaugh from the 49ers. Harbaugh ultimately wasn’t interested in going through with it, but that was before the Browns had the quarterback position under control. The presence of Baker Mayfield, however, will make the job far more attractive, perhaps than it’s ever been.The de facto trade option isn’t necessarily something that would be initiated by the Browns. As Cleveland explores its options over the next two months, coaches under contract with other teams could make it known through intermediaries that they would be interested in coaching the Browns.Regardless of the type of candidate Womens Trevon Coley 2019 Jersey , one very real consideration will be the extent to which the new coach may try to usurp some of the authority currently possessed by G.M. John Dorsey. Human nature could prompt Dorsey to nudge the process toward coaches who won’t want to take over, which could limit the universe of potential candidates.In the end, there will be a new coach of the Browns. And that coach probably will be an offensive specialist. And the future development of Mayfield will hinge on the Browns getting the right person.


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